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What is Business Intelligence?

Companies have goals and strategies to achieve them.

To be a winner, a company must be able to implement adequate processes to execute it's strategies and support related opeartional needs. It also has the need of monitor them and drive their evolution over time.

BI can help in this process, by bringing clarity and supporting fact based decisions (as opposed to gut-feeling / instinc based decisions).
This can impact a company at any level, from the top management down to the operational structure that acts by taking daily decisions.

"In God we trust; All others must bring data".

This wise sentence is normally attributed to professor William Edwards Deming and should be kept in mind when discussing Business Intelligence.

Implementing BI normally means accepting a "cultural switch", it means finding the triggers that should drive our decisions, obtain the needed intelligence to support them.
It also means to agree on sticking to the factual evidence that is presented by clear and correct data, as Deming suggested.

In a BI-aware company, things do not just happen, they are driven.Processes are clearly defined and they tend to change, improve, over time.


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Is BI for me and my Company?

It is healthy to ask this question as the answer is not obvious.

There are on the market highly successful companies that implement no BI at all, still they have a long success record.
Some of these companies have a leadership gifted with great business instinct and an operational structure that implements simple, effective and stable processes.
Can this apply to you?If it does, you can propbably avoid BI completely.

However in a market where competition is getting stronger every day, where there is the need to constantly renew the way you operate to be successful against your competitors, you can seriously benefit from BI.


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Our approach to Business Intelligence

We believe BI is a specific discipline, that stands apart from the most common IT initiatives.
For this reason, to achieve the golas of a business intelligence project or program, it is key to have the correct mindset, the specific skills and the understanding of the involved business processes.

We help our customers in identifying their BI goals, documenting them and planning their achievement.
We support them identifying the needed resources and technologies, and finally executing the projects that deliver the selected solutions.

Our suggestion, mainly for those customers that have a little or no experience at all with successful implementation of BI initiatives, is to "think big" but start small.
Do not over-estimate the ability of your organization to change it's mindset, this cannot happen overnight and normally has longer time-frames than the technical implementations.
IT is advisasble to plan a change management process along with the BI initiative and then deliver solutions in progressive increments that can quickly provide some benefit and ROI.


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