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Is BI for me and my Company?

It is healthy to ask this question as the answer is not obvious.

There are on the market highly successful companies that implement no BI at all, still they have a long success record.
Some of these companies have a leadership gifted with great business instinct and an operational structure that implements simple, effective and stable processes.
Can this apply to you?If it does, you can propbably avoid BI completely.

However in a market where competition is getting stronger every day, where there is the need to constantly renew the way you operate to be successful against your competitors, you can seriously benefit from BI.

Deciding to start with a BI initiative means also to be ready to change the way you operate.
In fact BI is supposed to drive your decisions, changing the facto the course of your operations.

If you are not ready for this, if you have a strucutre that is deeply reluctant to changes, you'd better steer away from BI.
If you are instead ready to challenge your beliefs, then you may want to give it a go.

For a successful implementation you also need to have a minimal clarity in your business processes, the "who does what" is a key starting point for the success.

This refers to the roles and responsibilities defined within your business processes, you need to be ready to bring clarity and transparency into this matter.
You should however be aware that this exercise could unveil "political" frictions, especially in complex or extremely conservative organizations.
To settle the issues that may derive from this, it is beneficial to have a highly empowered and committed sponsor.

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