"How to create TOS components" Tutorial : Index

Component Creation - Index

Some time ago I decided to learn how to create Talend Data Integration components and discovered thatthere was not much documentation around and the few tutorials available were not covering many topics.
I then decided to start a tutorial myself on this subject and apparently it quickly became quite popular, so I kept expanding it (I might still add a few lessons now and then).

As the number of lessons started to grow, it became difficult to come back for reference, especially because I've always been usesless woith titles and I admit that "lesson 1" , "Lesson 2" don't say much besides suggesting the sequence in which you should read them.
Nor it did work for that purpose, as I got emails from people who started from lesson 8 and they could not figure out things that were explained in lesson 1 :)
So, should you be starting just now with this tutoral, let me give you a piece of advice : start from lesson 1, you might read it quickly if you already have some knowledge, but that way you would make sure you are not missing something I will give for granted in the next lessons.

So to help you identify the different topics covered in the tutorial and jump straight to them if you already know all the other topics :

Lesson Link Topics covered
1 Component Creation 1 You will find here what a component is and is not, a short explanation of the role of the java template (jet) and of the generated java output code.
How component parameters affect the job execution
2 Component Creation 2 The component sections are introduced and explained using a tJavaFlex component, then the concept of subjob is introduced.
3 Component Creation 3 Setting up the Component Designer, how to install custom components and introduction to which files are needed to describe a component.
Introducing the XML Descriptor
4 Component Creation 4 How to write java jet template code and java output code.
Ensuring variables and objects have a unique name using cid = node.getUniqueName()
5 Component Creation 5 Defining and passing component parameters (includes a simple exercise)
6 Component Creation 6 Input, Output and processing components.
Data connectors and SCHEMA_TYPE (includes exercise)
7 Component Creation 7 Creation of a "real life" component that writes a CSV file (Exercise)
8 Component Creation 8 Creation of an Output component that writes an XML(ish) file.
Reading forfm an incoming connection.
Reading data connection metadata information
9 Component Creation 9 Working with schemas, the AUTO_PROPAGATE functionality.
How to output less records than those received in input
10 Component Creation 10 Reverse engineering an existing component and improving it with new functionality.
11 Component Creation 11 Planning, coding and debugging compoenents : our methodology

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